Welcome to Porn2Gether - a site that allows you to watch porn with others, be it complete strangers or acquaintances. Experts say scoping erotic videos with your SO (significant other) is a great way to ignite fresh heat between the sheets. So if you need to watch some porn with SO over long distance you may give us a try!


You watch adult videos inside rooms. There are two types of rooms:

  • user created rooms - the first person joining this type of room becomes room admin. Room admin (marked with a tick) controls room's video player and can load various videos into it. Everyone in the room sees the same video. The video is shown in-sync which means that everyone sees the same moment of the video. When room admin leaves, another random room member becomes an admin. All rooms are public by default but you can also create private room. The link to a private room is nowhere published - however, there are no limitation where you can share the link yourself.
  • video rooms - each video room is dedicated to particular video. Room members are watching the video independently but may chat and send their current video position to other users (timestamp link).

Also each room retains history of 100 recent conversations.


In order to enter any room, you will need to pick your nickname - descriptive name which will identify you on the site. You may choose between:

  • temporary nickname - fast and easy way to start chatting right away. You will only need to come up with a nickname which is not currently taken. As soon as you log out (or close your browser application), nickname is "released" and some else could pick it. Temporary nicknames are marked with tilde character at the end, i.e.: johndoe~.
  • registered nickname - if you will find yourself visiting our site quite often you may consider registering certain nickname as yours. If you register it, you'll be able to use the same nickname over and over. If you don't register, someone else may end up registering the nickname you want. If you register and use the same nickname, people will begin to know you by reputation.

Apart from nickname, you may also optionally choose and let others know about your gender. Female nicknames are pink and male nicknames are blue .

Videos library

If you would like to watch a video which is not in our library, you can easily add it via this form - as long as it is hosted by one of the following sites: RedTube, XVideos, xHamster . Currently you can add videos with duration between 1 and 30 minutes. Total size of videos in the library cannot exceed 14GB so old videos will be removed in order to make space for new ones.